You can’t shoot what you can’t see…

My M4 came from the factory with a mis-indexed front sight that makes the rifle better for clubbing pumpkins than shooting them…
I found these guys recently and they’re sending me a compact reflex (open holographic) scope to evaluate. I think that deserves a little plug on the blog, hmm?

Rifle Scope and Sights at Mounting Solution Plus (MSP)

Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) is both a manufacturer of quality firearm accessories and a distributor of firearms related products. Mounting Solutions Plus is happy to add a great selection of Rifle Scopes and Red Dot Sights to the rest of our tactical accessories. Included in our current listing are: Aimpoint, BSA Scope, Bushnell Scopes, Elcan, Eotech, Horus Vision, NcStar , and Trijicon

In addition to our Rifle Scopes we carry a verity of Scope Mounts & Scope Rings.

Mounting Solutions Plus specializes in tactical mounts and gun accessories for professional and competition shooters.

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