About my header photos

All of my headers, at the top of each page, are from photos I’ve taken over the years. There are currently twelve and I plan to add more as time goes by. Most are from Oregon and a few are from the mojave desert in California.

If you’d like to download them for personal use please feel free to do so. If you’d like to use them on your blog or website, please link back to my blog here at FoxfurAmused.com and leave the copyright and location intact. Don’t let me find out you’ve not linked back…

If you’d like to use them to make some money, contact me. I’m both cheap and easy so there’s no worries that I’m going to bleed you dry. If you’re a small buisness, author, or calendar publisher, chances are the only thing I’ll want is one or two copies of whatever you’re planning to use the photos in. I’d be glad to supply you with the full size originals to boot!

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