8 thoughts on “No Smoking

  1. I can’t decideeeeeeeeeeeeeee which one to buy! I’ve been trying to research them, but it’s a whole new terminology and abbreviations and I’m having a hard time making sense of it. Ugh.

    I did buy a Blu at Walgreens. I don’t like it. It’s too harsh a throat hit for me and too strong. I smoke menthol ultra-lights and I need one that’s very mild I guess. I just don’t want to spend a bazillion dollars on one I’ll hate. 😛 EeeeeEEeeeEEeeeee.

    • Hi Minxy!
      I have been down the Blu road and tried their disposable and full kits. It was a complete waste of 75 bucks. I wasted another $45 on the Cig2O setup.

      I wholeheartedly recommend an EgO-C made by Joye or Ovale. They’re really versatile and the atomizers are only $5 instead of ~$15 for the eGo-T. The atomizer is the heating element and is a consumable item. Mine have lasted more than a month and many people report getting months out of them depending on what juice they use with them.
      The eGo series are easy to use and are refillable using the included 1 milliliter tank cartridges. The batteries that the kit comes with can also be used with 3 & 6ml bulk tanks and pre-filled cartomizers as well as refillable cartomizers. I use all 4 with mine. So far, I have two very dear friends who bought eGo’s after I showed them mine and let them try it.

      I bought mine from ESmokeronline for $80 but they are available from many other vendors as well.
      I buy all of my juices and parts from Madvapes.com. I buy their Top Vapor brand juices and love them! My favorite flavors are Waffle and Honeydew. Runners up are Melon Explosion, Black Licorice, Hangseng RY4, and cantaloupe. I also am really into GoodProphet’s Vanilla Cupcake and Caramel Apple.

      There are dozens of tobacco flavors available but I smoked tobacco for 33 years and have no need for the flavor anymore.
      BTW, try the 36mg strength first. It’s about the highest nicotine strength available. If you smoke a pack a day, start at that level and work your way down to a level that works for you. You can always mix equal parts with a lower strength liquid to split the difference, i.e. 1 part 36mg + 1 part 24mg = 30mg or 36mg + 18mg = 27mg, etc.

      Good luck. It will work for you!
      Your pal,

      • Ok, that helps a lot.

        I smoke maybeeee…half a pack a day, depending. I think the nic content in 36mg would be WAY too strong, so I’d probably start out lower.

        One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is, are the batteries easily purchasable? I have worries about running out and being beckoned back to smokes…blech!

        I’m very excited to try one. I think I’ll go order one now! =D

        Thanks SO much for your help. I’d really like to stop smoking regular cigs VERY VERY much!

        ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Batteries? Good news. They are rechargeable lithium-ion and come with a charger. The charger can be used with a USB port or the included AC adapter. I bought a spare charger and two extra batteries so that if something goes wrong I won’t have to freak out and camp by the mailbox, twitching.

        And congratulations! I think you’ll be quite happy!

      • Yes, that was my fear as well. It’s easy enough to go to the store and grab cigs, not so easy probably to acquire the components for these at a moments notice. =D

        YAY! Thanks for the help, I’ll let you know how I like it. 😀

  2. Nice find! Thanks for sharing all your info; it’s incredibly helpful since that way I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, here.

    I got my Ego-C and four flavors of stuff (Honeydew, Black Licorice, Spearmint and Caramel Cream). I think I like the Caramel the best. Honeydew doesn’t have a very distinctive flavor to me, but it could be left over residue from another flavor messing me up.

    I’m very much enjoying it but have not gotten to where I’m not craving my cigs, yet. I think I need slightly more powerful nic juice, for one thing. I enjoy puffing away on it and it does help lessen urges to go for a cig, but not completely. I have, however, cut back from 10-15 cigs a day to about four.

    I’m digging the yummy flavors and the nice lack of smokey, stinky tobacco smell. I want to order some nic juices in four new flavors in 18mg juice (I got 11mg and 16mg in this first batch).

    Thanks again for all your research.

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