Stress and Anxiety, Healing Through Sharing

A friend recently had an experience like none other in her life brought on by a level of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately it had to happen while she was at work. While it may be disruptive to her career, it may just have been the best time for it to happen, to bring it to the forefront, to begin her journey to self realization and healing. She asked a number of friends if her story was blog material to which we enthusiastically said “YES!!” She decided to go forth and blog. Her writing style is a thing of beauty. You NEED to read it to believe it.

I very much identify with her experience and that is something I have not gone into here due to a great deal of ambivalence about sharing with the world. It sounds ridiculous, I know. After all, I have shared some very candid details of the realization, after 40 years of confusion, of my bisexuality, not holding much back. I knew that it could help others, which, by the feedback I’ve received, I know that it has.

My experiences of profound depression and anxiety, the crippling effects of it, and the proper diagnosis and beyond successful treatment and near total elimination of it can and will help others who have been suffering with what I had suffered from for my entire life.

Here is the link to her blog. What a blog it is…

Breathe In Two Three Four

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