Smoking Bacon At Home (and on the go)

Last week I received my Ovale eGo-C personal vaporizer (e-cigarette) and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’m down to 2 smokes a day! More on that in another post. I’m now eagerly awaiting a tasty shipment from Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. They’re the folks that provide Blu e-cigarettes with all of their yummy flavors. And just what is this delicious flavor that I’m so eagerly anticipating?
Yep. Now there’s a way to get your USRDA of both bacon AND nicotine in one simple inhalation. Only a Luddite would fail to recognize how technological advancements like this can enhance our well-being and improve the overall human condition. Bacon with no fat, tar, carbon monoxide, or sodium. Amazing…

Bacon Smokers Rejoice!

I’m buying my e-cigarette supplies from Northwest Vapors. If you choose to shop at Northwest Vapors be sure to use the redemption code FOXFUR and receive a 10% discount on your entire order. You can use this on your first and every order after that. I told them I blog about E-Cigs (it is the most frequently accessed topic on this blog) and would like to be able to offer my readers a discount. They immediately created the Foxfur code. I am not paid or compensated by them for traffic directed over there. I simply want y’all to save some money and your health.

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